Decision Support System


I would envision this to be web pages using the staff login for authentication that would display a configurable set of reports on a single or multiple page which would be configuration and provide totals.  For instance,  staff would login to their account and see a page that displays their hourly circulation figures, holds filled, open holds and provides totals for each table on a single page.  Another page could be set up to time to fill holds and holds ratios.

I would envision that each table is built from a report template and there would be a configuration page whereby an individual with the appriate permissions would be able to indicate which templates are used on which pages in the decision support system.   Staff should also not have to run these report templates separately to populate the DSS (decision support system) thus enabling staff to login into a web page and have easy access to frequently needed report data.


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Re: Decision Support System

We have incorporated similar functionality in the web-based 'Quick Reports' add-on that we've built. Part of Quick Reports includes a curated list of report templates that we've built to meet 90% of our libraries needs, and another part is our 'Executive Reports' which are a set of reports that we run monthly and store the results so that they can be displayed instantly either in an HTML table or in Excel) whenever anyone needs them. Sample shots below. The code is all freely available in git:;a=summary