New Development, New Partnerships and a First Look at the New Client

MassLNC recently contracted with Equinox Software, Inc. to perform work on two development projects.

The first project, the Evergreen alerts project, will give libraries more control over which system alerts they receive and when they receive them. This project came from several ideas submitted to the MassLNC Ideas Site, including separate checkin and checkout alerts, the ability to add alerts on another library's items, and the addition of an option to clear an alert when the alert message is triggered. Several Evergreen community development partners will help us fund this project: the Georgia Public Library Service, Consortium of Ohio LibrariesHagerstown - Jefferson Township Library, and Union County Public Library.

The second project will create a patron message center so that users can see important notifications when they log into the catalog. This project also has its seeds in a couple of MassLNC development ideas, including Add a "Expired/Cancelled Holds" tab in patron online My Account and patron notification of approach account expiration. Georgia Public Library Service is also helping us fund this project. 

The development committee is still considering two other development projects that have arisen through the development process: an activity metric to be used when ranking search results and a project to improve the way records and lists are printed, e-mailed, or otherwise shared from the catalog. Our hope is to move forward with at least one of those development projects during this fiscal year.

In addition to ongoing work to bring new enhancements to Evergreen, MassLNC have also been looking at high-priority bugs that should be fixed in the system. To that end, we are currently seeking quotes to fix a bug where removing a part with holds causes errors in the staff client to appear when retrieving screens that reference the hold - The MassLNC project would not only fix the problem with the error, but would improve the way Evergreen responds when removing the last potential copy that can fill one or multiple holds. More information on this project is available at

Over the last two months, several people in MassLNC and the participating networks have spent time testing circulation in the new web client that will eventually replace the downloadable client used for Evergreen. Anyone is welcome to try out the new web client by visiting the demo site at The user name is admin and password is demo123. The demo web client currently works best in Google Chrome. 

The MassLNC Executive Board also voted last month to continue to be full partners in the web client development project by allocating funds to the remaining development sprints, which will cover acquisitions, serials, reports, administrative interfaces, integration, and other pieces that may have been missed in the early sprints. Equinox is currently working on adding cataloging to the web client. We'll continue to post updates here as the web client development sprints progress.