Allow a "quick-request" option for power-users


I know this is definitely a nice-to-have wishlist type item, but a patron asked for it and it seemed useful.  The patron wanted to be able to select which parts (in his case, of DVD television series) to request right from the search results screen, instead of having to click through multiple pages.

I mocked up a potential approach - by putting the parts drop-down menu in next to the Place Hold link (this should also appear anywhere that link does - search results page, item details page, etc).  The Place Hold link itself should continue to act exactly as it does now - however, if someone clicks a little down-arrow next to it, they'll see the available parts, and can click which one they'd like to place on hold.


and clicking on the down-arrow brings up the menu:


To expedite hold-placing, I thought that holds placed this way would automatically be placed with everything else - pickup location, notification method - using the account defaults.  His point was that he has his account set up the way he wants it and never changes that stuff, so the only input he needs to provide is the part he wants to request.  Of course if someone isn't logged in, they would be prompted to do so (unless development was such that this arrow only showed for logged-in patrons).

I have no idea if parts and holds can work this way or not, but it did seem like it would save some clicking and page loading.  Even moreso if a confirmation page didn't need to load, but instead just a dialog box could confirm the hold was placed with the main window not changing. 

Photoshop development is much easier than actual development - especially when also considering mobile layouts - but this seemed like a neat idea so I wanted to throw it out there.

Brian in Chelmsford


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I really like this!  Thanks for the mock-up, which makes it really easy to see how natural this looks, working just like the Add to List dropdown does.  Now that my brain has seen this, I am going to expect to see this in the catalog and I'll be surprised that it doesn't really work this way!

Re: Allow a "quick-request" option for power-users

Two notes:

- some items have many (50+) parts. We would need to be sure we handled this gracefully.

- the "all parts" option should be shown here, whenever it would appear in the regular part selection menu.

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I agree that this menu should reflect all available parts - individuals or "all parts."

And I definitely agree with gracefully handling long lists.  The current method for "Add to my list" would not be suitable here (and personally I think isn't good enough for the My List listing).  The entire list of options needs to be available via a scroll - offering a "click to see more" link after the first ten or so totally defeats the purpose here.

Additionally, something I left out of the initial ticket but would love to see is that requested parts be indicated somehow, to make it easier for patrons placing a lot of requests.  They could be grayed out, indicated with an icon, or the entire thing could be checkbox-based.  That sounded like a lot of extra work because I'd want it to always be accurate, not just within the session the items were requested.  If someone already has some parts on hold, and they're logged in, those requests should be indicated in this menu too.  But agian, that sounds like a lot of work, and potentially something that would slow down loading the search results page.

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Indicating which parts have already been requested would be great. I wouldn't grey out those titles, because that would make it appear as if requesting them were impossible. I think a check more would provide a much clearer indication of an "already requested" status.

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Actually, the more I think about this, I want this option for all holds. Why should we ever need to load a new page to place a simple hold? So long as the user's device supports javascript a modal dialog is a much better way to go. The initial screen might look like this:

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I fully support making this an across-the-board feature for placing holds - great idea.  I like the modal too - anything to save on page loads would be a useful improvement.

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I'm also a fan of the modal.