MassLNC Development Activity for FY14

Fiscal Year 2015 is right around the corner. Like many of our Evergreen libraries, MassLNC is busy wrapping up FY14 and looking back on what we've accomplished over the past year. We're also beginning to plan ahead for next year's projects.

The MassLNC Development Committee met earlier this month to review our development projects from FY14 and to begin planning for next year's development.

FY14 started off with a focus on Evergreen performance as MassLNC contracted with OmniTI to do a performance evaluation of Evergreen. This evaluation was largely funded through a Library Services Technology Act (LSTA) grant authorized by the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners. 

Because the evalaution found that much of Evergreen's performance problems could be attributed to the staff client and the way it makes calls to the database, MassLNC decided to allocate a significant portion of its FY14 development funds to the Evergreen web client prototype and sprint 1 of the web client project. It will take some time before Massachusetts Evergreen libraries see the results of this development project, but our hope is that it's the first step in seeing significant, long-term improvements in the performance of the system.

Despite the focus on performance and the staff client project, MassLNC was able to fund some functional improvements to the system over the past year. Some of these improvements, including linked library names and the icon project, came out of the FY13 development ideas process. Others were new projects that came out of this year's process. 

The FY14 MassLNC Development Committee Report outlines all of the projects that were worked on this year along with the current status of each project. A PDF version of the report is also attached at the bottom of this page.

MassLNC plans to start the new fiscal year off busy working on those projects that didn't receive funding last year with the hope of bringing more improvements to your libraries in the near future.

In looking ahead to FY15, there are many projects from FY14 that still have not received funding that could be potential projects for the coming year. MassLNC is starting off the year by putting a call out for partners to see if there is any interest to pool funds for the following projects:

  • An activity metric to be used in the relevance ranking of search results.
  • The ability for Evergreen sites to have more control over which alerts display at checkin and check out. 
  • A patron notification center

The Development Committee has also asked MassLNC to follow up with a quote for a long-standing project to improve the options for e-mailing, printing, or texting records from the catalog. In addition, MassLNC will be doing some exploration on integrating the Overdrive API in Evergreen.

Over the next year, MassLNC will take a brief hiatus from any development projects related to the staff client until those pieces are implemented in the new web client. Circulation is slated to be done in the web client this fall with cataloging being the focus of sprint 2. Therefore, MassLNC should be able to resume looking at potential development projects in those areas very soon.


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