Generic multi-record holds


A new type of hold should be added which can be satisified by items attached to a user-selected set of records. Parts may be associated with each record.

It should be possible to create such a hold from both the staff client and the PAC.

It should be possible, from both the staff client and the PAC, to add or remove records to such a hold after the hold has been created.

In addition, given the use cases for this type of hold, fullfilled holds should not be deleted and patrons and staff should be able to reactivate the filled hold. In this way, these holds could be used almost like a NetFlix style queue. (When you finish a title you just remove the title from your original multi-record hold and reactivate it. Soon, annother title from your list will arrive. Perhaps we could even have an option to automate this process. Extra candy might be to also specify dependencies, so that items in a series won't be delived out of order.)

The interface for such holds in the PAC must be carefully designed so that it's purpose and value are clear to patrons. I don't have any great ideas for how this would look, but would love to see any ideas other folks come up with.

Some possible use cases:

  1. A student needs to read one title from a list and doesn't have much time—she wants whichever title from the list can be obtained most quickly.
  2. Several editions of a book meet the patron's needs, but they need more fine-grained control than current meta-holds.
  3. A patron has heard good things about several television series, and so wants to request them all, but doesn't want them to all arrive at once.
  4. A patron wants a NetFlix style queue (though this would involve additional complications as described above.)


In the attic


Re: Generic multi-record holds


There were a couple of ideas with the same concepts. I've decided to merge this idea with the others into a general idea covering Flow Control for holds - I will move the likes over to that idea. I'm moving this idea to the attic.