Pop up calendar for reactivating a hold


I like that staff have a pop up calendar to tell eg when to reactivate a hold. Will the patron be able to do this? (it would have to be made clear that this is the date the system will begin searching for the item, not the date the item will come in for the patron.) 


Under review


Re: Pop up calendar for reactivating a hold


It might be wortwhile to investigate using the HTML date input type in this form. This method would allow the browser to determine how the user should enter a date. In Chrome (and I think recent versions of IE / Edge), the use of this input type will indeed provide a popup calendar. It also works nicely in Chrome on my Android phone, providing a datepicker that is more suitable for a mobile device. Unfortunately, Firefox still does not recognize this input type, so users would still have to enter it as free text. 

Given that we allow Evergreen sites to identify different ways of entering an address mm/dd/yyyy, yyyy/mm/dd, etc., I suspect it isn't as easy as just adding this field type to the interface.