Use color codes to show fines and ready holds


It is easy to miss the fact that a patron owes any money. Can it be highlighted in another color even if it is under 10.00 (or whatever amt. requires it to turn red)? Instead of getting a message each time a patron has a hold to pick up, can the 1/2 under HOLDS be a different color? It would be nice not to have to click through that message with every other patron that comes in.)


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Re: Use color codes to show fines and ready holds

I'm a little confused by this—currently C/W MARS has the fine ammount show in red so long as it is non-zero. So the answer is yes, it can be highlighted even if it is under 10:00, and for staff with good color vision this should make it clear that a patron owes money.

Also, what's this "1/2 under HOLDS"?

Some thoughts based on what I do understand::

  1. It would be nice to have a visual distinction between owing some money and owing too much money
  2. Color should never be the only visual indicator, since some users may have color blindness. In a binary system (the text is red or black) we could easily make this more accessible by making the red text bold as well. If we have three or more options to convey it might be better to use some kind of icon. (This might seem twee, but we could actually use emoticons for this purpose, perhaps: laugh=owes no money, smiley=owes a non-blocking ammount, and sad=owes too much money.)

Re: Use color codes to show fines and ready holds


Here is the current information we have for behavior in the web client:

- When bills are on the patron's record, the Fines Owed part of the patron summary sidebar displays in bold, red. Looking at, making the text bold does help address making it visible for color blind users, with the possible exception of monocromatic color blindness. The text is bolder, but it doesn't jump out as much for the user.

- When the bills reach the maximum threshold ($10 is the default), we get a popup alert. The patron's name also changes to red and bold. 

- For available holds, we get the popup alert and the patron's name changes to red and bold. However, the hold count in the patron summary sidebar does not change.

Rather than emoticons, we could also use some kind of explanation points as visual indicators to further highlight important data in the patron summary. However, I don't think it will address the issue of eliminating the popup that needs to be clicked through.