Allow Hold Suspension after Hold is Trapped


Currently staff and patrons can suspend and reactivate holds, which is convenient. However, once a hold has been trapped and fulfilled with a specific item, suspension is no longer allowed. Many patrons don't realize they might want to suspend something until after it's too late, and they already been contacted. Then they realize, "Oh drat, I don't have time to read/watch that. I should have suspendeed it, but I forgot." It would be nice to give them the option to pass the item on to the next person in the list, and retain their place via a hold suspension, rather than having to go to the end of the line.

So the behavior would be as follows:

1. If a hold has not yet been trapped, treat suspensions as they currently behave.

2. If a hold has been trapped by an item, and is subsequently suspended before checkout, suspend that hold according to normal suspension rules, check the item in, and trigger the next hold in the queue.




Under review