Report from Evergreen Performance Evaluation

OmniTI performed an Evergreen software evaluation on Evergreen this past fall on behalf of the Massachusetts Library Network Cooperative. The performance evaluation evaluated the Evergreen database, staff client and messaging framework.

The study was mostly funded with a Library Services and Technology Act grant authorized through the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners.

I have posted the full report on the Evergreen wiki at

Although the report covers many different areas of Evegreen, the MassLNC networks believe 1) the move away from the existing staff client and 2) the reduction in the number of calls made from the client to the OpenSRF messaging layer are critical to improving Evergreen performance. Consequently, after supporting a project to build a prototype for a new web client,  the MassLNC Executive Board voted Friday to become a funding partner in the first development sprint to build a web client.

We look forward to working with others in the community on this first step towards a new client.


MassLNC Evergreen - Summary of Recommendations.pdf169.67 KB