Celebrating a New Development Partnership

MassLNC is ringing in the New Year with a new development partnership that will provide more flexibility on how Evergreen sites can use format icons in the catalog.

The Multi-valued Record Attributes and Controlled Record Attributes (MVF/CRA) development project will allow sites to use different icons to easily distinguish between books and e-books, for example, or between VHS, Blu-ray, and DVD. This project was a top-ranking catalog idea that came out of MassLNC's first development ideas process - http://masslnc.cwmars.org/node/2676.

This project is a great example of how development can happen when Evergreen sites both large and small pull together to pool their resources. Several community partners joined MassLNC to fund this project:

Equinox Software, Inc. will perform the work.

The MVF/CRA project is not just about icons. The infrastruture improvements that come with the MVF/CRA project can lay the foundation for future improvements to MARC batch import and RDA support.

This project also lays the foundation for improved meta-record holds in Evergreen. In addition to contributing to the MVF/CRA project, BC Libraries will also be funding the return of meta-record holds to the Template Toolkit catalog. This development will give users the ability to choose acceptable formats and editions when placing a hold.

The full specs for both projects are available at http://blog.esilibrary.com/2013/12/23/happy-holiday-development/.