More Consistent Hotkeys for Dropdowns in the Staff Client


In the catalog, where we have the dropdowns for format, search context, library scope, etc., you can use keyboard hotkeys instead of the mouse to go directly to a particular choice (very handy if you're at the end of the alphabet like we are in Wakefield, for example). This works fine in most browsers, but in the staff client it doesn't work anywhere where there's the list of libraries, which I understand is because of the fact that they're nested and indented. So in that list, you can hotkey to "N"oble All Libraries, for example, since that's the top level, but not to any other library in the llist.

I assume the indenting is mainly for visual clarity, since it makes it a bit easier to read a long list of locations (and I notice that all three of the MassLNC networks seem to do the same thing), but does it have to be that way? It's one of those common annoyances, and now I'm wondering if it would be as simple to fix as just having a list that's not indented. I don't know how other people feel, but I'd be willing to trade the visual nesting for the convenience of being able to use a hotkey. I'm just not sure if this is something that could easily be changed by adjusting the indents (if that's possible), or fooling the system into treating them as not indented. Or maybe it's more hardwired into the way the org units are set up. 


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Re: More Consistent Hotkeys for Dropdowns in the Staff Client

I have never found the indenting helpful. I would prefer to have the non-library entries (such as the generic "Children's Catalog") at the top, followed by an alphabetical list of all the libraries (and their children's catalogs). Being able to type to navigate this meny would be a real time saver!

Re: More Consistent Hotkeys for Dropdowns in the Staff Client


I totally support the concept that the staff client should handle any and all dropdown lists the same way that Firefox and Chrome do, so that W jumps to Wakefield, etc., in any dropdown list, whether or not the entries in the list are indented.  The indented display of the list of locations is semantic, representing parent/child relationships, and I hope we can find a way to make the hotkey effect work without sacrificing this.  (Ideally, the decision to have the list indent the child units or not would be a separate option.)

Having said that, if as a short term pragmatic solution we could make the hotkey effect by making the list display without the indenting, I woud support that.

Re: More Consistent Hotkeys for Dropdowns in the Staff Client


Adding a note that this issue is resolved in the new web client for dropdown menus in the catalog.

However, it continues to be a problem in the dropdown menus in the patron registration form, so we should keep the idea here for now.