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Could a refresh button be entered in the item status/ display screen? It would be much easier to refresh - rather than closing the screen and re-entering the barcode to see if an item has been edited. Thank you


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Flagging this for the 'attic' since in the web client the browser's refresh functionality can be used.

Re: Refresh button in Item Status


I think there is an idea (or bug) here, but there are a couple of factors to look at.

In the old client, if you edited an item from item status and then saved your changes, a new line would be added to the item status screen that showed any changes that were made. Some people weren't big fans of this approach and preferred to see the line replaced (not added) with the changes. 

Given that we did see the refreshed information, I'm not sure what exactly this ideas was proposing, unless the refresh was reuquested to pick up on changes made from somewhere else (another workstation, another tab of the current workstation where we aren't editing directly from item status.)

Terran, in this case, I don't think the browser refresh helps because it clears away all the item information. I think what Pam was seeking was a refresh that refreshed data of the items currently on the screen.

In the web client, the current functionality has changed. If you edit from the Item Status screen, once the changes are saved, you're bounced back to the Item Status screen, no row is added, and the data isn't updated. I don't think this is good because people might think that their changes didn't save correctly. I'm going to file a bug in Launchpad on this.

I'm okay with putting this one in the attic, but I think it would be good to think about how we want this interface to behave in the web client 1) after an item is modified from the item status screen and 2) if it's modified elsewhere in the system. We could then create a new, web client version of this idea.

Re: Refresh button in Item Status


I've filed a bug on the new web client behavior at I'll put this idea in the attic for now.