Pickup permissions field on patron account


We would love to see a field on the patron registration/edit page for adding names of people who have permission to pick up holds for the current patron.  We have been using the "Alert Message" field to indicate when parents, family members, or specific persons have pickup privileges for a patron, but something built in would allow us to free up the Alert field for actual alerts.


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Re: Pickup permissions field on patron account


Hi Hollin,

You might also want to take a look at the comments posted on http://masslnc.cwmars.org/node/2690. The original idea is a little different than your idea, so I wouldn't necessarily mark this one as a duplicate, but the comments also talk about a solution that fits nicely with this idea. There is some basic infrastructure built into Evergreen that supports a friends feature which has never been utilized. One possible way to utilize the friends feature is for patrons to use it to identify who can pick up their holds.

We're planning a meeting next week to more fully discuss the "easy way to clear a hold when it is picked up by someone else" idea since it was the holds idea that received the most number of "likes" on this web site. I think one of the first questions we need to address is whether we should address this development need by simply providing an option on the alert to cancel the hold or if we want to pursue this idea to utilize a friends infrastructure.


Re: Pickup permissions field on patron account

You can also add as many alerts as you like using Messages > Apply Standing Penalty/Message > Alert.

These show up as alerts when the patron account is opened, but they have additional benefits like showing the time they were added and being able to archive them to keep a historical record.