Change delete copy functionality when copy is checked out to patron.


Currently, the system allows the item to be deleted and it says on the patron record. Checking the item in from the "Checkin" screen results in an error because the item doesn't exist. However, going to the patron record, selecting "Items Out", highlighting and right-clicking on the item to select "Checkin"  will remove it.

This isn't the most user-friendly method. Perhaps a "pre-deleted" status where the delete is completed when the item is checked in?...


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Hi June, 

I believe this is mainly a configuration issue.

A network is able to configure the system to prevent users from deleting checked out items. There are two places to do so. In Server Admin > Copy Statuses, there is a flag you can set to restrict deletions when copies are in a particular status. You then have a permission you can set that determines if staff are allowed to delete copies that are in one of those statuses. In some networks, this permission has only been granted to network staff to prevent deletions that can cause further problems down the road.

I'm placing this idea in the attic for now.

Re: Change delete copy functionality when copy is checked ...


I'm going to resurrect this old idea and pull it out of the attic.

Yes, as I noted above, we can prevent the problem by not allowing staff to delete items that are lost, long overdue, or otherwise considered to be checked out. However, I've heard from several people that they would like to delete these items from the catalog. If we can find an elegant way to handle checkin of items that are 'deleted', we could allow staff to delete those items once they are thought to be gone for good.

Re: Change delete copy functionality when copy is checked ...

I love the idea of being able to handle this better and to undelete an item at a later date. I don't think we'd want everyone to be able to undelete records because that could cause problems -- perhaps a meaningful error message when the barcode is scanned at checkin so that it can be routed to cataloging, who could then review it and undelete it if desired? Depending on the status it was in when it was deleted, it might need to trigger other actions when undeleted, particularly with Lost and Long Overdue items.

Re: Change delete copy functionality when copy is checked ...

 Is there a way to synch barcodes so if a deleted item is ever returned, the billing side of Evergreen recognizes the barcode if it remains on a patron's record?

For example, an item that has been lost and billed to a patron may be deleted by a library after x amount of time, but it will remain on the patron's record. When the item is deleted, it is only deleted from the catalog side of Evergreen, which is good.

There is a disconnect somewhere, because if that deleted item (that is still on the patron's record) is later returned, the billing side of Evergreen does not recognize or register the return. Therefore, the deleted item, though returned, remains on the patron's record as a lost item.

(Even if the item is reconverted with the same barcode and checked back in, it does not come off the patron's record.)

When an item is deleted from the catalog, it may remain "hidden" in billing status on a patron's record. If that item is later returned, there is no way to tell if it is still in billing status on a patron's record.

When an uncataloged barcode is returned, can Evergreen search for that barcode in billing and anywhere else it may be "hidden" in order to take the appropriate action?