Patron Account Check Out History - Navigation


The only navigation, currently, is to move back or forward by one page. A navigation bar similar to the following would be nice:

1  <<     <     2  3  4 5...    >     >>  14

This would show the total number of pages and allow the user to jump around from one to another.

(NOTE: If someone wants to look at this, they may also want to look at  Launchpad bug #1208875 OPAC: My Account: Download Checkout History CSV breaks when there are a large number of items in the history

Under review


Re: Patron Account Check Out History - Navigation

This would be fantastic. Even better would be to have this and to be able to search your checkout history. The longer we are using Evergreen the longer these Check Out Histories grow, and the more important it becomes that we have good navigation for them.