More patron information on screen when placing hold from bib record


Placing holds can be done starting either from the patron record and then selecting a bib, or searching for a bib record and then choosing the patron. If you're starting from the bib record, and then input the patron barcode, you get very little confirmation that you have the correct patron before proceeding with the hold submission (see screenshot below). Version 2.3 does at least include confirmation of the contact info (email and text) but it would be incredibly helpful to have the patron's name, address, and phone number(s). This allows you, first, to confirm that you do indeed have the right patron and didn't mistype their card number, and second, allows you to confirm than their contact information is still correct.

Ideally, a consortium should be able to select which fields in the patron record it considers important enough to display on this screen. For some it might be address, for others date of birth or expiration date, etc. There should also be a link to easily open the patron record directly from the hold screen, should you wish to edit any fields, or view additional information.







Re: More patron information on screen when placing hold from ...


Hi Jeff,

Sorry, I thought I had replied to this idea, but I guess I must have dreamed it. I just wanted to mention that in 2.4, we do see the patron name on this screen. In the below example, we see Emily Dickinson for the name of the patron.


However, I know you are looking for more flexibility in what is displayed here, so let's keep the idea up. 




Re: More patron information on screen when placing hold from ...

Adding more information to the Hold screen when placed by staff in the client is good, however the additional information displaying in the public OPAC could be a problem for the patron's privacy.  Is the idea to have separate displays for staff vs. public?