Share Your Development Ideas

The MassLNC Development Committee is looking for your ideas to improve Evergreen.

Is there a new feature you would like to see available in Evergreen? Is there a workflow improvement that could be made? Please let us know by submitting the idea to the MassLNC Ideas Site. If somebody else has submitted the idea, you can show your support for it by clicking the thumbs-up icon. 

The submissions and likes from the ideas site is just one factor considered by the development committee when identifying projects to be funded through MassLNC. As a result of the ideas submitted to the site last fall, the development committee decided to pursue a project to improve billing in Evergreen, which is now under active development. MassLNC is now seeking quotes for two catalog projects (Expanded Icon Set and Link to Library Information) based on the amount of support they received through the ideas site.

Please review our submission guidelines before submitting an idea to the site. 

You must create a MassLNC account before submitting or liking ideas. To be considered for the next round of development, all ideas and likes should be submitted by July 19, 2013.


Re: Share Your Development Ideas

Is their any development to automatically change a patron's "main profile permission group".  Currently if you are 21,  the computer still lists the patron as a young adult.  This affects our reservations in "eventkeeper".  Prior the system would update by birthdate.

Re: Share Your Development Ideas

clearing the holds shelf - would it be possible for the shelf expired date to reflect our 7 open days not just 7 days period.  we always do ours manually because that doesn't give our patrons a week to pick up items.

Re: Share Your Development Ideas


Hi Barbara,

It would require development for the shelf expire time to only consider a library's open dates, but it looks like this idea has been submitted at Feel free to give it a like!