Add entries to the Evergreen Work Log for retrieved patrons

WL-01 Log Patron Retrieval

  1. The Evergreen Work Log (Local Administration > Work Log) should display patrons that have been retrieved in the staff client, even when no other actions were performed on those patron records.
  2. The patron retrieval should display in the "Most Recently Logged Staff Actions" and the "Most Recently Affected Patrons for Logged Staff Actions and Last Action for each." 
  3. When the patron retrieval is highlighted in the "Most Recently Logged Staff Actions" pane, the "Retrieve Item" button should be disabled.

WL-02 Display patron information in separate fields

  1. The work log should display the patron first name and last name as separate fields.
  2. Staff should have the ability to sort the entries in the work log by patron first name, patron last name, and time of transaction.


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