Thank You for the Development Ideas

Thank you to everyone in the MassLNC community who contributed ideas over the past few weeks and gave a thumbs-up to the ideas they liked. Attached is a spreadsheet with a report of all the development ideas submitted and a network breakdown of who supported the ideas. Collecting these ideas was just the first step in the process for determining which development projects MassLNC will ultimately decided to implement. The process will continue as follows:

  • The MassLNC Development Committee will review these ideas during its conference call next week along with some recommendations for enhancements that primarily impact network staff. The primary goal of this discussion is to identify projects that warrant further exploration. 
  • Once these projects are identified, the MassLNC Project Coordinator will work with network staff and functional experts from libraries in each network to explore current/planned functionality that may be used in lieu of development as well as potential policy issues. These groups will also flesh out detailed project descriptions that will let potential developers know what our needs are. Often, MassLNC decides to drop some projects during this stage of the process either because suitable functionality is found in Evergreen or another library in the Evergreen community funds a project.
  • Once the project descriptions are finalized, they will go back to the development committee. The committee will then forward along a final recommendation to the MassLNC Executive Board to begin the process of seeking proposals for the projects.
  • The MassLNC project coordinator will work on finding developers for the projects. A final decision isn't made until the commitee has a chance to review proposals and quotes.

During next week's conference call, the MassLNC Development Committee will also review proposals for the search projects that were recently sent to developers. The proposals are due Monday and will be a factor in determining the level of funds we can earmark towards this next round of development.

In the meantime, you can continue to help us identify development priorities.

  • Keep submitting those ideas as they arise. Although we have cut off ideas for this round, the development process is ongoing. The committee is planning to consider ideas for another round of development in about six months.
  • Sign up for e-mail alerts so that you can be informed of new ideas that are submitted. These alerts will give you an opportunity to provide a thumbs up to the ideas you like. You can subscribe by going to and clicking the Subscribe to All Development Ideas link at the bottom of one of the ideas (you must be logged in.)
  • Every once in a while, review the ideas you have already liked and weed out the ones that no longer seem to be as important as some of the other ideas. Why would you want to weed out ideas? If you like too many of them, it may overshadow the ones you truly think are essential development needs.

Feel free to post a comment if you have any questions about the process.

November 2012 MassLNC Development Ideas List23.8 KB