Permission to clone but not edit report templates


We would like to have a permission that would allow users to clone a template and give it their own name  and description without having the ability to edit the template itself.  This would make things simpler for users who just want to clone templates as a way to bookmark them for their own use, and who do not need to edit them or to even see that template editing screen.



Re: Permission to clone but not edit report templates

I can't come up with a good way to implement this with my knowledge of how things work currently, and I don't see any really good reasons to implement it as a new permission for cloning either.

What it sounds like is that you want a per-user "quick list" of templates from local and shared folders, which IMO is a much better way of implementing this kind of thing (and doesn't introduce potential issues with cloned copies sticking around if the original is deleted for some reason, and keeps dupes out of the system as well). The quick list could be saved as a user preference fairly easily and would require no new permissions, just an interface update.

Re: Permission to clone but not edit report templates


Our people like being able to clone templates and arrange them in their own folders with names and descriptions that are meaningful to them.  It's fine if they stick around when the original is deleted for some reason, because presumably that template is useful to the user who cloned it.  It would just be a little more direct for people to be able to do that without going through the editing screen.  We'd like every reports user to be able to do this, and to restrict editing templates to people who have had training.

Re: Permission to clone but not edit report templates

I still don't think that making a "you can clone but not edit" permission is the way to do it. Expanding on my previous comment of a quicklist and making a way to load templates from multiple sources into server side folders similar to the existing folders but with new names and descriptions for the templates sounds a lot better overall to me, and could use the existing "you are allowed to run reports or create templates" permissions. Possibly with a flag on report runs to say which alternate name/description was used for interface purposes.

That would get you the ability to see what people are actually using from the original templates as well and would get you everything that this "you can only clone, not edit" permission would, but without the hassles of adding a new permission and bypassing the workflow coding for the existing clone procedure when that permission is granted. Also if a template is being removed because it is broken you will have a better clue as to who was using the original unedited version of the template and thus who to warn.

If the rigging was done via the existing template config folders then it would be a single new table with a template folder reference, an original template ID reference, a new name, and a new description. This would allow these alternate names to be shared. The only question there is whether or not the "alias" should still be available and function if the user loses access to the original for some reason.

Re: Permission to clone but not edit report templates

I create report templates and would like to be able to format the description, add carriage returns and white space at the very least. I think this is what makes people have to provide descriptions that are meaningful to themselves because the existing descriptions are ugly and difficult to browse.

I understand what Tom is saying.  It sounds like you're describing bookmarks.