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When working with a search filter with a list of options, it's possible to select individual one or more items from the list. However, it is not possible to say search ALL.

For example, if you are using a template for a recurring report of circulation by copy locations and select all the copy locations from the list, your report won't include copy locations that are added to the system after you set up your report.

An option to select ALL would mean to run the report for all copy locations that are in the system at the time the report is run, not when it was originally created.


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Re: Add an option to search ALL

I believe the answer to this is technically going to be "build the template without that limiter included". No limiter means it won't have a list and future runs won't be looking for specific values.

Re: Add an option to search ALL


That works, but it does mean that we have to have one template that allows users to select one or more template, and another that doesn't have the filter and therefore selects all.  Ideally, we'd like to have one template that allows users to select one, several or all copy locations (or other field.)

Re: Add an option to search ALL

I agree that something like this would be beneficial. At C/W MARS, we provide templates for our libraries to use, so the more useful we can make a small number of templates, the better - so, having one template with and one without for each of our item templates is not ideal.

In addition to the situation the OP mentions, I can think of another where an "All" selector or "Ignore Filter" option could be extremely useful. The shelving location filter is very important to many of our libraries, and when we don't include it in a template, we usually get questions as to why and if it could be added. This is understandable as shelving location is the main way libraries can distinguish between their collections. In short, shelving location pops up in many of our templates.

Currently, when selecting shelving locations for a report, only the locations owned by current workstation's library or above will be selectable. For most libraries this is fine, but it presents problems for some branch systems. Some of our branch libraries have shelving locations set at the town level, but many do not. This means that if a branch library needs to run a report with the shelving location filter but wants to look at all locations across their branches, they would have to use a workstation owned by each branch and run the report multiple times. Or without realizing, they end up with an incomplete list of items.

If there was a way to select all locations regardless of owner or a way to ignore filter, this could greatly aid in the above situation.