Stay Informed of MassLNC News


There are several ways to stay up to date with MassLNC news and ongoing development projects.
E-mail subscriptions are available in several areas of the site. Most MassLNC news is posted to the front page of the site. To subscribe to this news, click the Subscribe to All Story link at the bottom of this post. A similar subscription option is available if you want to be alerted of newly-submitted development ideas or for of new posts in the MassLNC forums (you must be in a forum post to see the subscription option). The forum is where the development committee has been discussing ideas to enhance search in Evergreen, but feel free to post other Evergreen-related questions here as well.
For those who prefer to stay informed through an RSS feed, we also have an RSS feed for news stories. Those would would like to subscribe via RSS to development ideas or other types of content can do so through the Recent Changes page. From this page, you can select the type of content you are interested in (use the CTRL key to select more than one) and click the Filter button. The RSS icon at the bottom of the page will point to the feed you can use for your subscription.