Display sending library in the acknowledgment when a hold is placed




When a request is placed in the OPAC, include the sending library in the acknowledgement, as III did. Our interlibrary loan librarian used this information to estimate and inform patrons how long it would take the item to arrive. If this information is available elsewhere in Evergreen, please let me know.


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When the hold is *placed* there is no "sending" library to put into acknowledgement, at least by my understanding of "sending" library. Only when the hold is captured and showing as "In Transit" is there a "sending" library. Library staff can view item details for the hold at that stage to see the transit information, or enable the transit source and send time columns in hold lists to see it there.

Re: Display sending library in the acknowledgment when a ...


I am going to place this idea in the attic. Even in cases where the system is immediately able to target a specific copy at the time the hold is placed, there are many real-world issues that could prevent the library from filling the hold. The copy could be missing from the shelf, in which case it would move on to another library. Or, an eligible copy could check in at the hold's pickup library before the other copy is captured. As Thomas mentioned, in the case of titles with a long pull list, the system does not know which library will be the sending library. Overall, I think we want a robust holds system that is flexible about allowing other items to fill a hold if the first-targeted item doesn't fill it quickly enough. In that case, the sending library will always be in question.