Include closed dates and other factors in calculating hold shelf expiration date


The system does not takes into consideration days that the library is closed when caclculating the hold shelf expiration date. This is not urgent but it is worth looking into so we don' get patrons that are unhappy if their items are pulled from the shelves "too early." Thanks.


Under review


Re: Include closed dates and other factors in calculating ...

I believe that if the last day is a closed date (as of the time of capture) it finds the next open day, but otherwise it is *calendar* days, not *open* or *business* days. Similar to how circ durations are based on calendar days.

Also, the item doesn't get auto-removed, the date is just when the item will show up on the expired list and/or auto-trigger on "clear shelf expired holds" checkin modifiers. If staff only check first thing in the morning they won't be pulled early, and will thus be available until end of day.

Also, if you want to guarantee 8 days, perhaps change the OU setting to 8 days?

Re: Include closed dates and other factors in calculating ...


I would say part of this idea is a duplicate of That idea covers providing an option for the clear shelf report to only include items that have already expired, not ones that are due to expire today.

This leaves the idea of providing an option to exclude closed dates from the calculations when determining the holds expiration date. I'm going to edit the idea so that it addresses this one specific issue.