Tell Us Your Development Ideas

MassLNC announces the launch of its new Development Ideas site. With this site, staff from libraries that are members of the MassLNC participating networks (C/W MARS, MVLC, and NOBLE) are invited to submit their ideas for enhancements to Evergreen and show their support for other ideas that have been submitted.

The ideas site will be one factor used in the MassLNC Development Committee's decision-making process as it recommends future development projects for Evergreen. Library staff will be able to submit new suggestions for development, comment on the ideas submitted by other people, and show their support for ideas by clicking the "like" (thumbs up) icon. Ideas with the most likes will float to the top of the Popular Ideas page. From this site, MassLNC libraries will also be able view which projects are being actively planned, which ones are under development, and which were ultimately implemented.

To participate on the site, library staff must create a MassLNC account. These accounts are only available for staff who work in a library that is a member of a MassLNC participating network.

Staff is strongly encouraged to first report any Evergreen issues to their network. Network staff can help libraries determine if the issue is a local configuration issue, a bug, or an enhancement request. The ideas site should only be used for enhancement requests.

Please read our full submission guidelines before adding ideas to the site.