MassLNC Development Committee Hits the Ground Running

The newly-formed MassLNC Development Committee started its work last month and is already very busy exploring ways to further improve Evergreen

During its first meeting, the committee identified what it considers to be immediate development needs towards which MassLNC should be allocating funds. The highest development priority that came out of that initial meeting was enhancements to improve search in Evergreen. The development committee has since been discussing specific areas where search can be improved. Discussion has been happening in the MassLNC OPAC forum and the group has come up with an initial set of draft development project ideas related to finding materials more easily in Evergreen. 

The Development Committee also voted to recommend participation in two development partnerships. Bibliomation is the lead partner in one of the projects, which will provide MassLNC consortia with more flexibility in the way they set their holds policies. The other recommendation was to continue working with partners on the acquisitions development project that began last spring. The first stage of the project brought EDI invoicing, enriched EDI, and improved invoicing workflows to Evergreen. MassLNC's priorities for stage 2 are to improve the speed at which acquisitions screens render and additional improvements to workflow. The MassLNC Board has approved the contribution of funds to both these development partnerships.

More information on both development partnerships will be posted as MassLNC moves forward with them.