Submitting Development Ideas to the MassLNC Ideas Page

Submission Guidelines

The MassLNC Ideas Page is a place where staff from MassLNC member networks and their libraries can submit ideas for development and show support for ideas that others have submitted. These submissions will be incorporated into the decision-making process when selecting the development projects that MassLNC will pursue.

Please follow the below guidelines when submitting ideas.

  1. Submission of development ideas to the MassLNC ideas page is open to staff working in libraries that are members of one of the MassLNC participating partners.  Staff must create a MassLNC account to submit ideas, post comments or show your support by clicking on the thumbs-up icon.
  2. Your consortium/network should be the first place to report issues with Evergreen. Consortium staff can help you determine if an issue is a bug in the system, is an issue that can be solved through configuration, or is an idea for a new feature.
  3. The ideas page is for new features you would like to see in Evergreen. If,after consulting with your network, you determine that your idea is a new feature and not a bug, you may submit the idea to
  4. Please review the ideas that have already been submitted before you submit your own development idea. An idea search is also available and will also let you find ideas that are already in progress or have been sent to the attic. If your idea has already been submitted, you can show your support by clicking the the thumbs-up icon.
  5. You must assign a category for any submitted ideas. Available categories are:
    • Acquisitions
    • Administration
    • Cataloging
    • Circulation
    • Course Reserves (i.e., Syrup)
    • Holds
    • Public Catalog
    • Reports
    • Serials
    • Staff Client
    • Other
  6. You are also encouraged to add tags to these ideas to further describe them.
  7. Any new ideas will immediately appear in the Idea Sandbox. After submitting the idea, be sure to give it a like by clicking the thumbs-up icon and to subscribe to the idea so that you can be alerted if somebody adds a comment to your idea.
  8. Users are also welcome to show that they like an idea that has been submitted by thumbs-up icon. Ideas with the most likes will sort to the top of the "Popular Ideas" page.
  9. There is no limit on the number of ideas a user can like.
  10. Ideas on this page are listed under the following statuses:
    • Idea Sandbox - new ideas for which no development decision has been made. Newly-submitted ideas sort to the top.
    • Popular Ideas - The same ideas as those that are in the sandbox, but sorted by the most “likes.”
    • Planned - Ideas that MassLNC is planning to implement, but do not yet have a signed contract. The MassLNC development committee or a working group may be developing requirements for these ideas or may be in the process of getting quotes.
    • Under development - Ideas that are actively being developed and for which testing is not complete.
    • Implemented ideas - Development is complete and is either merged into the core code or otherwise available for MassLNC use.
    • In the attic - Ideas that, for various reasons, are not currently being considered. A comment will be added to the idea explaining why it has been placed in the attic. Some reasons for putting an idea in the attic:
      • The idea is a bug and not a new feature.
      • The idea is something that can be configured locally.
      • The idea is a duplicate of another idea.
      • The idea was implemented outside of a MassLNC project
      • Other Evergreen enhancements have negated the need for this enhancement.
  11. Ideas that have not received any likes since January 2015 have been expired. They are no longer available from a tab in the Ideas site, but can still be found through an Ideas search. New comments have been disabled on these ideas. If an expired idea is still valid or desired, we recommend that you file a new idea or request that your representative on the MassLNC Development Committee do so on your behalf.
  12. All user submissions, comments, and "likes" are public. A user's name will display with his/her submitted idea and comments. The names of all users who showed support for an idea will also display on the "likes" tab. 

Subscribing to Development Ideas

You can receive alerts whenever new development ideas are submitted to the site. You can do so in one of the following ways:

  • Click on the link for any development idea that has been posted. In the subscriptions block in the right sidebar, select All Development Ideas.
  • You can also subscribe to an RSS feed of development ideas.

Reviewing your likes

To view a list of the ideas you previously liked:

  • Click the My account link in the left sidebar.
  • Click the Votes tab.
  • You will see a list of ideas that you have previously liked. Click on the link to get more information on the idea.
  • If desired, you can unlike the idea by clicking the reset link.

Tips for Finding Development Ideas

We have many ideas for development, which result in a lot of ideas to weed through on our development site. Experienced MassLNC participants have found the following strategies are helpful in finding ideas important to you.
  • Filter ideas by the category that is most relevant to your work. Some participants only look at the Circulation ideas, for example, or Acquisitions, because those are the areas they use the most.
  • Starting with the Idea Sandbox is a good way to find any ideas that have been added since you last looked at the site. If it's you first visit, on the other hand, starting with Popular Ideas is a good way to see which development projects are resonating with other users.
  • If you have a specific idea in mind, try typing some keywords in the Filter by Keyword box. Searching from this box will only retrieve ideas from the Idea Sandbox. Clicking the Search All Ideas link is useful for finding ideas that are in other phases of the development process or have been identified as a configuration issue. You should only like ideas that have an Under Review status.
  • When you are reading about a specific idea, check out Related Ideas in the right sidebar to see if there is one of interest.
  • Get a notification when new ideas are submitted. You can do so in one of the following ways.
    • Sign up for notifications from the MassLNC site. When you are viewing an idea, check the box to either subscribe to posts that are development ideas or to ones that fall within a specific category (Circulation, Public Catalog, etc.).
    • Follow the MassLNC Facebook page. All new ideas are automatically posted to MassLNC's Facebook account. During our fall promotion of the Ideas site, we will also post one random development idea every day.
    • Follow the MassLNC Twitter account. All new ideas are automatically posted to MassLNC's Twitter account. During our fall promotion of the Ideas site, we will also post one random development idea every day.

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