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Voting members

Jennifer Adams, Holyoke Community College Library (C/W MARS)

Matthew Bachtold, Upton Town Library (C/W MARS)

Laura Brzeski, Morgan County Public Library (Evergreen Indiana)

David Christensen, Manitoba Public Library Services Branch (BCLC)

Shannon Dineen, BC Libraries Cooperative

Anna Goben, Indiana State Library (Evergreen Indiana)

Sharon Herbert, BC Libraries Cooperative

Jeff Klapes, Lucius Beebe Memorial Library (NOBLE)

Jocelyn Lewis, Indiana State Library (Evergreen Indiana)

Jeanette Lundgren, C/W MARS

Christine Morrissey, Melrose Public Library (NOBLE)

Erica Street, Jenks Library, Gordon College (NOBLE)

Christopher "Tex" Tegtsoonian, Forbes Library (C/W MARS)

Amy Terlaga, Bibliomation

Elizabeth Thomsen, NOBLE

Jessica Woolford, Bibliomation

Carol Yarrison, Bibliomation


Kathy Lussier, MassLNC

Jennifer Woodward, MassLNC Board liaison



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