Record matching and overlay in acquisitions



  1. When uploading records via the Load MARC Order Records function with "Load Bibs and Items into the ILS" selected, the system should locate matching records in the database before loading bibs and items.
  2. The system should use a Vandelay machpoint set identified by the user as criteria in determining if an existing record is a match.
  3. If the system finds no matches, it should load the bibs as new bib records.
  4. When a match is found, the system should overlay/merge the record based on a Vandelay merge/overlay profile identified by the user.
  5. When uploading records, the user should be able to identify the Best/Single Match Minimum Quality Ratio required to determine whether the incoming record should overlay or merge with the existing record.
  6. If the incoming record quality is not high enough to overlay or merge with the existing record, the system should load items and attach them to the existing matching record.


Completed development


Re: Record matching and overly in acquisitions


 Coding is complete and available for community review MassLNC is currently testing.