Method for handling standing order


 There is no special functionality in Evergreen to support standing orders.


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Springfield currently has order records for standing orders and magazines which we have been told will not migrate as "Serial No Encumbrance".  These orders were set up to enable paying the invoices on a single record multiple times, so the records are not "received" or "fully paid" until we discontinue the standing order or subscription.  In order to migrate these records, we must change the status to "on-order".  This is fine for FY13, but in the future we need to create a new Purchase Order every fiscal year.  To avoid the worst of this cumbersome task, I have devised a workaround for our magazine subscriptions which Kathy has asked me to share.  I haven't figured out the standing orders as yet, since there are so many vendors involved, but if and when I figure that one out I will share it as well.

In Evergreen, I search for the serial records included on each invoice for FY13 (we have 12 for Ebsco) and add them to a master Selection List.  I first add the price, then edit and save the Copies during the process of adding the title to the list (BW MAGAZINES).  I add the Call Number NEXT ISSUE (or something similar), so the OPAC will display NEXT ISSUE On order.  Once all the titles are added to the Selection List, I can Clone the list for FY14 (BW MAGAZINES FY14).  When the next invoice is ready to be paid, the cloned SL is edited to reflect changes in pricing or added/dropped titles.  I then create a Purchase order from the Clone, and rename the PO with the same name as the SL.  I then activate the PO and pay the invoice.  As long as I do not receive the line items, the titles will continue to display in the OPAC as On order; once line items are received they will display as In process.  The following year when I create another Clone (BW MAGAZINES FY15), the copy record from FY14 can be either suppressed from the OPAC or deleted, depending on what decision we make about retention of older records.  We even have the option to retain the older copy record, receive the line items in the PO, and change the call numbers to CURRENT ISSUE using Volume Editor, so the OPAC display would show a copy for NEXT ISSUE On order and CURRENT ISSUE In process (see TCN 19959 as an example--you may need to View copy information for all libraries).  In that case, we would retain the copy record fo the FY just ended, but delete the one from the year before that.

As long as no Purchase Order is created from the master Selection List itself (creating a link between the PO and the SL which also gets cloned), the master list can be cloned for as long as necessary.  The Purchase Order should always be created from a Clone, not the master SL.

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It might be worth coordinating this with Launchpad bug #1329521 "Initial integration of Serials and Acquisitions Modules"

Re: Method for handling standing order


I'm adding a bit more information about what the plan is for that Launchpad bug. I asked the developer for a broad overview of what they were planning, and he said "our main plan for that bug is to let you add "subscription periods" to a serial subscription. A period would have start and end dates and hopefully link to the corresponding po_item/invoive_item."

I don't know if this functionality can be leveraged to also support standing orders, but we'll keep our eyes on it.