Support for Enriched EDI


Enriched EDI will allow libraries to send more data to vendors when submitting an electronic order. According to Ingram, Enriched EDI "allows users to send additional distribution information in the EDI order record that provides Ingram with all the information necessary to create complete holdings records to match the items shipped. The holdings records are loaded with MARC bibliographic records and overlay the on-order items. When the materials arrive from Ingram, they are shelf-ready, and the catalog already contains the necessary records to circulate the items."

 One example raised in the acquisitions meeting was that enriched EDI allows you to send the PO number with the order, which is necessary since many municipalities require that the correct PO number be listed on the invoice.




Completed development


Re: Support for Enriched EDI

This description of Enriched EDI is misleading as it assumes the inclusion of processing by the vendor (to be shelf-ready).  When testing in the training database, only ISBN, title, publisher, and quantity got sent with basic EDI.  Enriched EDI is needed to send location, fund, and PO Name to the vendor:  location for processing (if a library is having this done); fund because some libraries have their invoicing done by fund instead of PO or account#; and PO Name because something is needed to identify the PO on packing slips/invoices for receiving.