Improved Acquisitions Dropdown Menus


 This enhancement covers two ideas raised at the acquisitions meeting:

  • There are many areas in acquisitions where a dropdown menu should be available, but, instead, there is a dropdown box that automatically populates as you start typing text. Specifically, we would like to see a dropdown menu in place of the "Add to Selection List" text box, the Provider text box, and the "order-state" search box on the Acquisitions search screen. There may be other places as well. The dropdown menu is desired because users may not always remember the exact name that had been used when creating a selection list, provider, etc.


  • Available options in all dropdown menus should be alphabetized. Specifically, the list of funds to be applied to a particular copy are in random order, but this may be a problem in other areas of acquisitions as well.





Re: Improved Acquisitions Dropdown Menus

Is it necessary to have "Save Selected" and "Save All" in the pop-up window?  Right now, the only way to add to a selection list is by pulling up a single record, so there is no "All."  Unless we are looking at development that will allow us to select multiple titles from a search results list to add to a selection list/purchase order?

Re: Improved Acquisitions Dropdown Menus


We could add that to the list of things to look at. However, I know some of these acquisitions screens are used in multiple places, and it might be that this same dialog is used in another place where it makes more sense. If we were to proceed with the development at, we might also see cases where we can add multiple items to a selection list.