MassLNC Year in Review

This past year saw a lot of activity from MassLNC and its participating consortia as they prepared to move to Evergreen. It’s hard to believe how much we’ve accomplished in one brief year. Some of the highlights from 2011 include: 


As 2010 closed, MassLNC had just gotten its toe wet with sponsored Evergreen development by participating in the Bibliomation end-of-semester due date project and sponsoring some small projects to provide warning prompts in data entry forms and provide direct access to patron's bill records from the check-in screen.

In 2011, MassLNC saw many "day 1" development projects come to fruition, starting with the cataloging project that was completed through a contract with Equinox Software. MassLNC had several goals with this project: to improve general cataloging workflow; to introduce parts-level information for items in Evergreen; and to improve the functionality for batch imports of MARC records. With this development, MassLNC also formed its first development partnership, working with Howe Library in Hanover, New Hampshire; King County Library System in Washington, and SITKA libraries in British Columbia to fund the project.

Another "day 1" need for the MassLNC consortia was to maintain compatibility with the Massachusetts Virtual Catalog, which required a connector for URSA 2.6. After an unsuccessful Request for Quotes (RFQ) process, MassLNC contracted with MVLC's Jason Stephenson to develop the connector, which goes by the name of issa.

Working with Art Rhyno from the University of Windsor, MassLNC sponsored several enhancements to the Syrup course reserves system to improve integration between Syrup and Evergreen. MassLNC also sponsored several other high-priority development projects, including SMS functionality, book bag enhancements and an active date for newly-received items. This development was accomplished through contracts with Equinox and with MVLC's Thomas Berezansky. A full list of development sponsored by MassLNC is available on our Development Initiatives page. This development was funded with a Library Services and Technology Act grant from the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners and by participating libraries.


MVLC was the first MassLNC consortium to go live on Evergreen on May 31, 2011. MVLC's implementation of Evergreen also led to many new tweaks and enhancements to the system as their member libraries requested new features to improve their experience with Evergreen. The patches that MVLC developers have contributed are too numerous to mention here, but you can view a list of patches submitted by Jason Stephenson and Thomas Berezansky on Launchpad.

In the meantime, C/W MARS and NOBLE have been busy training their libraries to use Evergreen. With the upcoming release of Evergreen 2.2, they are looking forward to 2012 implementations on a system that will include many of the enhancements MassLNC has funded over the past year.

Other Highlights

Other highlights from 2011 included:

  • MassLNC made its first presentation at an Evergreen conference. Project coordinator Kathy Lussier presented with Mary McIntyre from the eiNetwork in Pennsylvania on the challenges and opportunities for making development happen in an open-source environment.
  • MVLC Assistant Network Administrator Thomas Berezansky was named as a core committer to the Evergreen project.
  • In October, MassLNC joined as the latest partner for King County Library System's IMLS Grant, "Empowered by Open Source".

MassLNC is looking forward to more exciting work in 2012, including:

  • The migration of C/W MARS and NOBLE to Evergreen.
  • More sponsored development for Evergreen, including work that was recently contracted through Equinox. MassLNC's next focus area for development is improvements to the Template Toolkit catalog so that it will be ready for implementation in the participating consortia. Feel free to review our top priorities for Template Toolkit development.
  • The transition to a post-grant infrastructure for MassLNC. A Business Planning Task Force, comprising network administrators and liaisons from the participating networks, has been meeting to discuss and recommend an infrastructure to support future collaboration among the MassLNC consortia. If approved by the memberships of all three consortia, the recommended model will be put in place on July 1, 2012.

MassLNC hopes that library staff at its participating consortia and the greater Evergreen community have a wonderful 2012.