Cataloging in Evergreen 2.1

MassLNC has posted another batch of training screencasts on the Evergreen Video Shorts page that demonstrates cataloging, holds and acquisitions. These screencasts also show the new cataloging enhancements that are expected to be making an appearance in Evergreen 2.1. Developed by Equinox Software, these enhancements were sponsored by MassLNC in partnership with the Howe Library in Hanover, New Hampshire, and King County Library System. The MassLNC funding is available through a Library Services and Technology Act (LSTA) grant from the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners and through participating libraries.

Another phase of cataloging enhancements, which will improve batch import and overlay in Evergreen, is still under development. MassLNC partnered with King Country Library System and SITKA to fund those enhancements.

The enhancments that were part of the first round of cataloging development include the following:

  • When searching for records, the system will immediately land on a bib record when there is just one matching search result.
  • Catalogers will have quick access to an "Add Volume" link from the bib record when a adding a call number and item to the record.
  • The system will incorporates a unified volume/copy editor where catalogers can enter all call number and item information on one screen (previous versions of Evergreen required that staff enter call number information on a separate screen from copy information.) There will be a configuration option to turn off the unified interface for libraries that prefer the previous interface.
  • Catalogers will be able to add parts information to copies that are part of multi-volume sets, DVD sets, etc. When placing holds, users will be able to select which part they need and the system will target any eligible copy with the same part. For example, if the user selects disc 3 of a TV series, the system will target any eligible copy that is idenitifed as disc 3.
  • Separate fields will be available to store call number prefixes and suffixes.