Answers to March2011 RFP Questions


In the case of partial lineitem receipt, will it be necessary to support receiving specific copies from the invoice interface, or will it be enough to simply select a number of received copies?

Selecting a number of received copies is sufficient.


[The vendor] understands this requirement to mean that when a user selects Evergreen as a Z source (in addition to other sources) and gets results from Evergreen, allow the user to select an Evergreen record to use as an overlay target for other records in the search results.  Is our understanding of the requirement correct? 

Yes. In a use case where consortial cataloging staff is overlaying brief bib records created by library staff, consortial staff would search for the record via the "Import Record through Z39.50" interface, selecting the local catalog and other sources as Z targets. From the Z39.50 search results, consortial staff would have the ability to first mark the local record to be the overlay target and then select the record from an external source that should overlay that local record.


What is a use case for emailing the full report output, when it’s already possible to get a link to the output via email?

Use case 1: Public library director who rarely has a reason to log into Evergreen wants monthly reports via e-mail without being required to take the additional step of logging in.

Use case 2: Faculty members who do not have staff access to the system need monthly reports of items added to and funds expended for their department.

Although it isn't an absolute necessity for other users, we also believe there is improved usability if a user receives the full results in their e-mail rather than requiring them to take the extra step of clicking on a link and logging in.

An acceptable alternative would be to provide an option to post the report output in a non-secured area where a login is not required. In this scenario, there would still need to be an option to post a report in a secure area so that reports with confidential fund or patron information would not be public.


Evergreen does not currently support (locally) printed notices. Is the addition of printed notice support part of this request?

We are currently investigating the use of code that would enable the generation of print notices from action/trigger events. Providing the ability to define an event just for patrons who have identified print as a preferred notification method would fulfill this requirement. At the same time, we would be interested in receiving a separate cost proposal for building formal support for locally printed notices in Evergreen.

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