MassLNC Development Projects

Development Projects Funded by MassLNC

Below are MassLNC-sponsored development projects that have been contributed to Evergreen. The projects were funded by participating MassLNC partners. Earlier development projects also received funding from a Library Services and Technology Act grant authorized the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners

Thank you to the many Evergreen sites that have contributed funds and staff time to these projects.

Evergreen 2.12

  • New Subject Browse Definitions - As part of a larger project to improve authority cross-references, this project displays subject headings in the browse list as one full unit with hyphens between terms instead of displaying individual terms separately. Contractor: Equinox Open Library Initiative
  • Advanced Search Limiters Enhancement - Removes behavior where advanced search limiters propogated to the basic search box in the catalogs. Instead, the limiters applied to the search display in a block on the search results page where they can be easily removed. Contractor: Equinox Open Library Initiative
  • Metarecord improvements funded through a grant from EBSCO.
    • The following improvements to the Group Formats and Editions search. Contractor: MOBIUS

      • Limiters on the advanced search page can now be successfully applied to Group Formats and Editions searches,

      • Electronic resources are now retrievable through these searches,

      • Paged navigation has improved.

    • Links to other formats and editions from the record summary page. Contractor: MOBIUS
    • Ability to set the Group Formats and Editions search as the default search in the catalog. Contractor: Equinox Open Library Initiative

Evergreen 2.11

  • Activity Metric for Relevance Algorithm - This project allows Evergreen sites to generate badges with scores on a scale of 1 to 5 for material that has the highest activity in the system. Those badge scores can be used in search results ranking, either as a boost to current-day relevance ranking or as a way to rank by popularity. Contractor: Equinox Software

Evergreen 2.10

  • Angular Patron Editor. This project moved the patron editor into AngularJS so that it will fit in better and perform better when libraries begin the move to the new web client. Contractor: Bill Erickson

Evergreen 2.9

  • Conditional Negative Balances. This development project gives libraries flexibility in determining if and when refunds or negative balances should appear on a patron's bills. Contractor: Sigio

Evergreen 2.8

Evergreen 2.7

Evergreen 2.6

Evergreen 2.5

  • Improvements to billing interface, such as allowing libraries to disable patron credits; different styles for lost, overdue, and long overdue items; and correct sorting for numerical fields. Contractor: Equinox Software
  • Adjustable font size for the staff client catalog. Contractor: Equinox Software
  • Linked library names - The library’s name in the search results and record page can now link to the library’s web site.   Contractor: Coffee|Code Consulting
  • Author/title/subject/series browse search with See and See Also references, done in partnership with Bibliomation. Contractor: Equinox Software

Evergreen 2.4

Evergreen 2.3

Evergreen 2.2

  • Enhancements to Support Local Displays for Consortia project. Contractor: Coffee|Code Consulting
  • From the August 2011 Request for Proposals, MassLNC contracted with Thomas Berezansky to develop an easy method to close all tabs with a CTRL-click.
  • From the August 2011 Request for Proposals, MassLNC contracted with Equinox Software to develop the following enhancements for Evergreen:
    • Infrustructure supporting multiple requests.
    • Data flattening service.
    • Dojo-based interface component to present read-oriented interface for viewing tables of data.
    • Various staff client improvements, including:
      • Individual screens use its own settings for column layout.
      • Multiple-level sorting.
      • Line numbers for display screen.
      • Customizable toolbar.
      • Easy return to search results from MARC record view.
      • Options for double clicking.
      • Improved navigation for acquisitions funds & providers.
      • New tab button.
      • Removal of unused fields from copy editor.
      • Automatic reload.
      • Individual screens use its own settings for receipt templates.
    • Record matching and overlay in acquisitions.
    • Flexible scopes.
    • Greater flexibility in library selector display.
    • Last date of authentication.
  • From the March 2011 Requests for Proposals, MassLNC contracted with Thomas Berezansky to develop the following enhancements:
  • From the March 2011 Requests for Proposals, MassLNC contracted with Equinox Software to develop the following enhancements:
    • Ability to receive a batch of items by invoice.
    • Ability to mark a local record for overlay from the Z39.50 screen.
    • Functionality to designate a set of Z39.50 targets that are only available to users with elevated permissions.
    • Enhancments to book bag functionality.
    • List of recent searches available in the staff catalog.
    • Support for SMS functionality.

In partnership with King County Library System and SITKA, MassLNC contracted with Equinox Software to develop the following enhancements to batch import and overlay. RFP: Request for Proposals to develop enhancements for cataloging function

  • Support for matching on any MARC field.
  • UI enhancements for item import.
  • Avoid import of items with colliding barcodes and report failures.
  • Report import failures and allow for configuration of queue display fields.
  • MARC Record quality configuration; Option to prevent import of lower quality record.

Evergreen 2.1

MassLNC contracted with in October 2010 for the following enhancements:

  • In partnership with Howe Library in Hanover, NH, and King County Library System,  MassLNC contracted with Equinox Software to develop the following enhancements. RFP: Request for Proposals to develop enhancements for cataloging functions

    • The ability to enter call number, barcode number, and all copy information on the same screen (unified editor).
    • The ability to add a volume from the record summary frame that displays at the top of the bib record screen.
    • When searching for records in the staff client, the ability to immediately land on the bibliographic record instead of the search results screen when there is only one matching search result in the system.
    • Support for call number prefixes and suffixes that reside in separate fields.
    • The ability to include some information associated with the call number, such as classification scheme, prefix and suffix, in the copy template.
    • Support for monographic parts.
  • Provide warning prompts before exiting the register patron, the MARC Record Editor, and the Copy Editor screens, as well as the offline circulation client. Contractor:  Equinox Software RFP: August 2010 Request for Quotes
  • Provide direct access from the checkin screen to the patron's bill record when checking in overdue items. Contractor:  Equinox Software RFP: August 2010 Request for Quotes


URSA Inteoperability

Contractor: Jason Stephenson RFP: Request for Quotes for URSA interoperability

Code is available at

Syrup Academic Course Reserves Development

From the May 2011, Request for Quotes for development of Syrup course reserves system, MassLNC contracted with Art Rhyno to develop the following enhancements for Syrup.

  • The ability to revert copy parameters to their original values after taking items off reserve.
  • The addition of call number affixes in the call number updates done through Syrup.
  • The ability to browse course reserves lists by departement or instructor.
  • Adding a fuzzy lookup to look up users from the Evergreen database.
  • Adding availability information to the display for non-reserve copies that may be available in another location of the library.

MassLNC Code and Documentation Contributions

Below are links to the git commits with code and documentation contributions made by staff at MassLNC or a MassLNC participating network.

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