Evergreen Video Shorts

Please note the Evergreen version used when creating these screencasts. Many were created using a 2.0.x version of Evergreen, but there are several on Evergreen 2.1, which is not yet in general release.


Overview of Evergreen Layout (2:06) vers. 2.0

Patron Management

Patron Registration (3:17) vers. 2.0

Searching, Retrieving & Editing a Patron Record (2:53) vers. 2.0


Checking Out Items (2:20) vers. 2.1

Checking In Items (4:02) vers. 2.1

Managing Checked Out Items (Renewing, Changing Due Dates, and Marking Lost or Claimed Returned) (4:20) vers. 2.1

Bill Payment (3:50) vers. 2.0

Adding a Bill (2:26) vers. 2.0

Offline Circulation (3:21) vers 2.0


Patron Placed Holds (3:48) vers. 2.1

Placing Holds Through the Staff Client (2:23) vers. 2.1

Pulling and Capturing Holds (1:52) vers. 2.1


Adding Items to the Evergreen Database (2:57) vers. 2.1

Adding Items with Multiple Parts (3:32) vers. 2.1

Creating a MARC Record (3:48) vers. 2.1


Selection Lists (2:48) version 2.0

Create a Purchase Order from a Selection List (1:15) version 2.0

Create a Purchase Order from a Record in the Catalog (1:42) version 2.0

Receiving Items (1:18) version 2.0

Creating an Invoice from a Purchase Order (3:55) version 2.0

Watching These Videos

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  • To pause/play the screencast, click the pause/play button (A).
  • To mute the screencast, click the volume button (B).
  • To enlarge the screen, click the full screen button (C).

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