Evergreen 2.0: what doesn't it have?

Evergreen 2.0 was released last week and introduced many new features, including acquisitions functionality, end-of-semester and fixed due dates, and a revamped patron editor interface. If you're curious about the features available in Evergreen 2.0, take a look at this overview that developer Dan Scott presented yesterday at the Ontario Library Association's Super Conference 2011.


Re: Evergreen 2.0: what doesn't it have?


Hi Greg,

I was able to view it in both Firefox and IE 8. Did you use the space bar or right arrow to navigate through the slides? I noticed that the instructions to do so didn't always appear on the screen.

Hope this helps!

Kathy Lussier

Re: Evergreen 2.0: what doesn't it have?

Not sure how else to contact someone  but the slideshow seems to load all the slides at once. Is it not IE friendly?