MassLNC to Fund Some Evergreen Enhancements

The Massachusetts Library Network Cooperative (MassLNC) has contracted with Equinox to develop a couple of  enhancements for Evergreen.

MassLNC is funding development to provide a one-click method for accessing a patron's bill record from the check-in screen when that patron has checked in an overdue item. The MassLNC Open Source Project (OSP) Task Force believed this enhancement was important for improving workflow at the circulation desk.

In addition, Equinox will develop warning prompts that will appear whenever staff closes a data-entry screen after there has been modification to data on the screen. These prompts will be implemented for the patron registration screen, the MARC record editor, the copy editor, and the offline circulation interface. The OSP Task Force believes this enhancement will also benefit workflow since, without the prompts, staff could easily lose data, requiring them to redo their work.

Both of these projects were included in MassLNC's first Request for Quotes (RFQ) for Evergreen enhancements.

There were several other projects in the RFQ that the OSP Task Force decided against moving forward with at this time.

  • Grace periods for individual libraries - Evergreen currently has a global grace period, but it cannot be set differently for individual libraries. MVLC Assistant Network Administrator Thomas Berezansk has been working on same changes to circulation rules in Evergreen and is incorporating individual grace periods into those rules.
  • Additional boosts to relevance ranking that include an item's popularity - No vendors submitted a quote for this project.
  • Automatic rollover of patron active/inactive addresses; logging the last editor/creator of a patron record; logging user information for a transit transaction; and logging the last authentication date for a patron that is using a third-party library service, like Overdrive or EZ Proxy - The OSP Task Force decided to hold off on all of these projects until knowing which other high-priority projects MassLNC will be funding.

MassLNC has recently issued a Request for Proposals (RFP) for high-priority cataloging enhancements that should provide some improvements to cataloging workflow. The responses to those proposals are due next week.