Batch Import and Overlay in 2.0

Screenshots of Batch Import & Overlay in Evergreen 2.0

Take a look at our new screenshots showing what will be coming in Evergreen 2.2. Equinox developed the new enhancements with funding from MassLNC, King County Library System, and SITKA.

Edit Attributes

The "edit attributes" screen is where you can define the MARC fields that will be overlayed, protected, added to the MARC record or removed from the MARC record. You can enter multiple tags and multiple subfields.

Bibliographic Attributes screen:

Create New Attribute Definition screen:

Edit Import Item Attributes

The "edit import item attributes" screen is where you can set up holdings profiles for imported items. Evergreen comes with two holdings profiles already configured.

Edit Merge / Overlay Profiles

The "edit merge/overlay profiles" screen is where you configure overlay profiles, defining which fields should be overlayed, which should be protected, which should be added, and which should be removed.

MARC File Upload

The "MARC File Upload" screen is where you upload your MARC files. You can configure the system to automatically import non-matching records as well as records where there are exact (901c) matches or where there is just one match. You also use this screen to identify which merge/overlay profile should be used, to determine whether items should be imported and to identify which holdings import profile should be used.

Import Queue

Once the records are uploaded, the system will bring you to the import queue where you can view the results of the import. You can view all records that were uploaded or you can filter the list just to those that found a match or were not imported. Click the View MARC link to view the MARC record for the imported record.

 You can also click the Matches link to view records that matches and their matchpoints.