Evergreen Acquisitions Process

Further testing needs to be done but it seems when you vary much from this process, it seems impossible to proceed further.

Creating a Purchase Order Manually

  1. Step
    1. Complete search in catalog or catalogs via z39.50
    2. Create selection list from z39.50 searches or by adding brief record
  2. Create Purchase Order (PO) from selection list or search results via z39.50
  3. Add copies to your title list in the PO (see Copies link to the right of each title)
  4. Mark items ready for order (using Actions drop down)
  5. Activate order (using Activate link at the top of the PO)
  6. Using the Load Bib & Items from the Actions dropdown you can load items into catalog with an "On Order" status
  7. Mark PO received by selecting Mark Purchase Order as Received by selecting item in Actions dropdown
    This changes the status of associated items to "In Process" in the catalog
  8. Check items in on circulation module to change "In Process" statust to "Shelving" and then "Available"

 Creating Invoice

This is fairly straight forward.  You just have to be sure to fill in all the fields.  It appears you can do this at any point after creating a PO.

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