Answers to Vendor Questions for August 2010 Development RFQ

Project ID CIRC-01:

Would the feature need to handle a patron having multiple mailing addresses with different date ranges?
This enhancement should provide the option of adding an active date range for any address in the patron record and to allow for the possibility of a patron record containing multiple addresses with different date ranges. Adding an active date range should be optional and should not require any additional action for the majority of patron records that do not use an active date range. There should be a check in the system that prevents users or staff from adding date ranges that overlap with another active date range.
Also, please note that requirement 3 for CIRC-01 refers to a default mailing and/or billing address that the system reverts to upon reaching the end of an active date range. This default address should be used whenever there isn’t an active date range(s) in place.
Do academic and public library members of the MassLNC consortia have the same requirement? For example, will an undergraduate student who has a campus mailing address during the fall and spring semester compare with the snowbird example where addresses may differ between Summer and Winter.
Yes, the academic and public library members have the same requirement. We expect functionality to be the same in both of those scenarios.

Project ID SYS-04:

Is the scope restricted to tracking the time the patron last authenticated via the SIP2 interface, or is there a need to track that a patron last authenticated in the web OPAC? Or both? If both, do the differences of when/where authenticated need to be separately distinguishable?
Tracking that a patron last authenticated in the web OPAC would be a beneficial addition to this project, and we will accept quotes that include this enhancement. As we will address in the question below, for the SIP2 authentication, we will want to track which SIP2 service the patron is using when they authenticate. Similarly, this enhancement should record the fact that OPAC authentication was done via the OPAC.
Wat is the "client service name"? It seems appropriate to use the machine login account employed by the terminal, i.e. from the ones present in the SIPconfig.xml.
Yes, the machine login account is what was meant here. The intent behind this requirement is to track which SIP2 service is being used when the patron authenticates. If we require each service to use a unique name when logging in, we can track which service is being used.


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