Hard Due Date Development Project

MassLNC is participating in its first development partnership for the Evergreen Integrated Library System. We will be jointly funding development for end-of-semester and fixed due dates. Bibliomation, Inc. in Connecticut is the lead on this project, and three others partners are involved in the project as well.

With many academic library members in C/W MARS and NOBLE, the networks had identified end-of-semester and fixed due dates as a high priority for development around the same time that Bibliomation had put out a call for partners. This development will allow libraries to set an end-of-semester date by which time students need to return all material to the library. In addition, they will be able to set a fixed due date for some users, such as faculty, who are allowed to check out materials for an extended period. Although academic libraries will most likely be the primary audience for this feature, other types of libraries should find these due dates useful as well. For example, a public library could use an end-of-semester due date if they need to retrieve material before a move to a new location. More information about this project can be found on the Bibliomation and Open Source Systems (BOSS) blog.

Development partnerships are a great way for several members of the Evergreen community to contribute to a new enhancement to the system. Thank you to Bibliomation for spearheading this partnership.