MassLNC Enhancement Possibilities Taking Shape

The networks participating in the MassLNC project have been making steady progress in identifying development needs for Evergreen. After identifying several top priorties for enhancements based on our testing of Evergreen and on ideas we have received from member libraries, MassLNC is ready to issue its first RFQ for development services. Several enhancements will be included in the RFQ.

Since the MassLNC networks first started work on this project, many projects from other Evergreen initiatives have cut down on our own list of development needs. King County Library System has added many new features to Evergreen as it prepares to go live on the system in late September, and many of those features were on our initial wishlist for Evergreen development.

However, the ehancements included in this initial RFQ do not represent all of our development requirements. For example, the participating networks have been exploring enhancements that will help streamline the cataloging process in Evergreen, but wanted to obtain a better understanding of current Evergreen cataloging processes before creating requirements for this project. The public catalog is another area that may require more enhancements, but we want to see what will be available in the King County catalog before identifying some of those needs. During a recent OPAC customization training provided by Equinox, we found we have a great deal of flexibility with the level of customization that can be done. What we may have previously thought was a development requirement may now be considered to be advanced customization.

The next couple months of the project promise to be busy as we get a closer look at the features that will be released in the 2.0 version of Evergreen, further define our own development requirements, and continue the process of making that development happen.