A Sneak Peek at a New Evergreen Catalog

King County Library System shared a preview yesterday of the public catalog interface the system will be using when it goes live on Evergreen in the fall (click on the PDF link at the bottom of the message to see the screenshots). Until King County's catalog development is incorporated in the development branch of the Evergreen software, it will be difficult to know which of these interface enhancements will be incorporated into Evergreen and which are locally-customized features. However it does show that the MassLNC networks should be able to break away from the traditional interface seen in the Evergreen catalog.

The screenshots also demonstrate some additional functionality for the Evergreen catalog. The fines page includes a "Pay Fines" button, suggesting that eCommerce will be available in Evergreen 2.0. Other screens show a check-out history for the sample patron and a place to save favorite searches.