Keeping Up to Date with MassLNC and Evergreen

Wondering about the best way to keep up to date with the Massachusetts Evergreen project? We are regularly posting project updates to the MassLNC website so that staff from C/W MARS, MVLC and NOBLE libraries, as well as the larger library community, can keep tabs on how we are progressing. A RSS feed is available for the front page of this site where the bulk of our news will be posted. Those who work at a library in one of the three participating networks can also create an account on this site and then subscribe to updates via e-mail. To do so, go to the "Subscriptions" box in the right sidebar and place a checkmark in the box for "subscribe to posts of type Story."

If you are more interested in the discussions we've had as we've identified development needs for the system, you can visit the MassLNC forums and subscribe to "posts of type Forum topic" (you need to be viewing one of the discussions to see this option.) RSS feeds are also available in each of the forums.

Many people are probably anxious to get a look at the Evergreen system. The participating networks are planning to provide demos of the system in September. We don't plan to schedule formal demos any earlier than September because Evergreen is preparing for a major upgrade at this time. The alpha release of version 2.0 is scheduled for August, and we prefer to show you the system when it is closer to what you will be using in 2011. However, there is an Evergreen demo available for those who are interested. Please remember that the demo is a lot different from what your library will be using when you go live. The demo is version 1.2.4, which is several versions behind the current release, version The Massachusetts networks plan to be using some variation of version 2 when we go live.

You can also take a look at some of the public catalogs of Evergreen libraries, including Grand Rapids Public Library, Laurentian University and Evergreen Indiana. Once again, many improvements will be made to the catalog in version 2.0, and you will not be getting a true picture on what the Evergreen catalog will look like when your library goes live.

Between now and September, the networks are working on development priorities for Evergreen. We are wrapping up the discussions we've had with the use case working groups. Network staff is now performing a gap analysis between the Evergreen processes and the processes developed by those groups. From this analysis, we expect to find areas where development is required. We plan to issue an RFP for development in early summer. We'll post updates as we continue our work.