Growing Evergreen 2010

Next week, a contingent from the MassLNC project will be attending the Growing Evergreen 2010 International Conference. After spending so much time over the past couple of months discussing processes for the system, I am interested in seeing how new development compares to our process discussions. I am especially looking forward to sessions with tours of acquisitions and serials, roundtables to discuss reports and holds, and an update on development sponsored by King County Library System in Washington. King County received a grant of nearly $1 million to share development work on Evergreen with other libraries and is planning to go live with Evergreen this fall.

I will be posting live updates from the conference via Twitter. My Twitter posts will probably go into more detail than most people will want to see, but I also plan to post some live updates to this site with information I think will be of interest to staff working at libraries in the participating networks.