MassLNC's Learning Process

The MassLNC partner networks, C/W MARS, MVLC and NOBLE, continue to learn more about Evergreen and how to best implement it to meet the needs of our libraries.

Project Coordinator Kathy Lussier is conducting a series of use case discussions and focus groups with small groups of librarians from the participating networks, bringing them together to confirm the key needs of our participating libraries, and to provide some interaction and understanding between the libraries in the three networks.

At the network level, much of our project time is devoted to verifying our needs and finding out exactly what the Evergreen system can do, not only as it currently exists but also examining software already written but not yet in general release, and learning about projects under way for other Evergreen library systems. 

We look forward to attending the Evergreen Users conference in Grand Rapids later in April to compare notes with other library systems, advocate for our needs, and learn more about what is already in the pipeline.