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Accomodating multiple organizational units (libraries, branches, children's rooms, etc.) running on a system at the same time.

parent organizational unit

The organizational unit that is located one step up within the ILS hierarchical structure. For example, a library may be the parent organizational unit for a branch; a region for a library; a network for a region, and so on.


Patron is the preferred term for describing generically the populations served by our libraries: public, students, faculty, etc.

pick list

A system generated list showing items and/or titles with holds that should be on a library's shelves. 

Synonym: pull list

Related term: stack requests

redirected order

Acquisition orders that are "re-ordered" to another vendor, typically because the order came back unfilled from the original vendor.

reporting group

Needs to be defined.  Volunteers?


Term used to describe the condition where a request has not yet been applied to a particular item (at which time it becomes a hold).

Related term: hold


Defined in III as a collection of records associated with a particular Organizational Unit or collection, such as a library, branch or children's room.  Similar to a filter but is typically more static. 

smart indexing

Term needs defining.  Any volunteers?

Stack Request

A request that can be filled with item(s) currently on a library's shelves.

Reports that identify these materials for staff to pull from the shelves are typically called pick lists or pull lists.

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