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full screen editing

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fund scope

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Term used to describe the condition where a request has been applied to a particular item.

Related term: request.


Holdings is often used to describe a particular copy of a title, although "item" is the preferred term.  "Holdings Statement" will be used to describe a range of holdings related to serials.

Synonyms: item


ILS vendor

In the open-source business model, this term can refer to the open-source community as well as the vendor(s) supporting the platform.

journal entries

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Library Parameters

Indicates that the feature can be implemented and configured uniquely for each organizational unit (i.e., library, branch, etc.). 

living data entity

Data stored by the system that has a "lifespan" -- that is, it is created by staff during day-to-day operations, may be edited multiple times, and will likely be terminated. Examples are patron, bib, item and order records.

location code

Code used to identify an item's location within the library.  Similiar to a collection code except that this code can be used with loan rules.


Term used generically to describe major ILS applications, such as cataloging, circulation, serials, etc. Use of this term doesn't necessarily suggest that the ILS architecture be "modular."

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